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i-KAB Micro Financial Services Ltd. Provides short term credit to busineses and individuals. Our customers range from small and medium scale businesss such as store operators, traders, artisanse etc,who wish to grow and expand thier business. Our biggest advantage is our ability to grant credit within maximum of 3 working days, while our competitors will take 3 months or even more. The prerequisite is just a credible guarantor while our competitors will request for landed property, movable properties and others, because we care about your success Personal visitation by management and our SMS notification will help moniter and keep you business on track. We subscribe to dynamism, this atitude urges us to continually review and when possible introduce additional services that will help us serve you better more and more. Be part of our growing family of happy client and allow us show you the way to sucess

Advance Your Business!

Looking for financial boost to advance your business and career field, Do you have an idea that is yearning to become a reality ? don't just dream about it. Take a proactive approach to determining your future . Apply for an i-Kab short term Loan NOW! and we will make that dream a reality

Our Strategies

We mean business about your success,Our strategy is simple

  • We do not require collatoral being Landed or Movable properties.
  • All we require is a credible guarantor.
  • We assure you of your loan within 3 working days.No bureaucratic proccessing and waste of time Download Loan Application Forms

We Work For You!

At I-KAB, We beleive in the growth of your investment within the shortest possible time.